Pro-Active Portfolio Management

Randy Koehler,
Certified Financial Planner
Registered Investment
Advisor Associate

There is a better way! It’s called Pro-Active Portfolio Management.

There are three components to our approach.

  1. First, we review your account daily and tactically make profit taking adjustments as needed to the Disciplined Investment Strategies portfolios to take advantage of short-term cyclical movements. These changes do not affect the basic ratio of stocks to bonds, but they are designed to lock in gains or enhance returns.

  2. We re-allocate your assets according to our disciplined investment formula on an annual basis, in essence re-creating the entire portfolio each year, but always in step with our disciplined investment formulas.

  3. Finally, we have developed tools that have allowed us to exit the market during the turbulent times we experienced in 2002,  2008 and today.  We have also added “event-driven” changes in the post 9/11 era. We can move your holdings into cash during catastrophic world events.

The time for Pro-Active Portfolio Management is upon us.