Certified Financial Planning

Randy P. Koehler, CFP, President of Koehler Financial Services, Inc. is a registered investment advisor. The information found in this web site is provided solely as background on the firm and the services it provides. Koehler Financial Services, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor, and their representatives do not use this web site to implement securities transactions or provide personalized investment advice. Koehler Financial Services, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor, and their representatives may only conduct business in states where the firm has met all regulatory requirements. No follow-up with a prospective client will be made by the firm unless all regulating requirements have been met. Advisory services are offered through Koehler Financial Services Inc., a registered investment advisor. 5764 James Dr, Stevensville, MI 49127. (269) 429-0650.

  is a federally registered certification mark of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. ("CFP Board"). CFP® and Certified Financial Planner® are federally registered service marks of the CFP Board. The CFP Board licenses individuals who satisfy its educational, examination, ethics and experience requirements but does not warrant the correctness of advice given by such licensees, or the appropriateness of products or services recommended.


  Koehler Financial Services, Inc.
  5764 James Drive, Stevensville, MI  49127
  Telephone number:  269-429-0650

  A copy of form ADV part II is included with this document. 


(Written disclosures required to be provided prior to the engagement)

A.  Basic philosophy of the CFP certificant (or firm) in working with clients:

Our approach to personal financial planning is to obtain from you significant financial and other information including your attitudes, goals and objective; to analyze the information obtained in order to develop alternatives for your consideration; to educate you about the implications of selecting a particular alternative; to implement the alternative selected by you; and to periodically update the plan adopted.  It is our goal to become your chief financial adviser and to coordinate the efforts of your other advisers in your best interests.  We want you to be educated about your own financial affairs and to take an active role in managing them.

B.  Philosophy, theory and/or principles of financial planning which will be utilized:

Our philosophy of financial planning is to gather adequate reliable information about a client’s personal financial situation; to determine the client’s goals and objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance; to analyze all of the foregoing information in an objective manner and to develop recommendations for our clients based upon this thorough analysis and in the interest of rendering disinterested advice.  In a personal financial planning engagement, we endeavor to consistently act in the interest of our client and to place his or her interest ahead of our own.  Moreover, we believe that a client should be both informed and proactively involved in his or her personal financial affairs.

C.  Attached to this disclosure form on schedule D pages 1 and 2 for Randy P. Koehler and
     Erica L. Momany on form ADV part II are resumes of principals and employees of the CFP
     certificant’s firm who are expected to provide financial planning services:

D.  Description of the financial planning services to be provided by the CFP certificant:

You have expressed interest in asset management services.  These services include:

  • Analysis of your current financial condition, goals and objectives, and development of a personal financial plan.

  • Design of an investment portfolio appropriate to your individual circumstances, needs, goals, risk tolerance, investment experience and time horizon.

  • Quarterly written reports on the status of your investment portfolio.

  • Ongoing monitoring of your investment portfolio.

  • Recommendations involving investment repositioning and current opportunities for new investments.

  • Availability of our professional staff to answer questions.


E.  Conflict(s) of interest and source(s) of compensation:

  • Conflict(s) of interest:  Koehler Financial, LLC., Koehler Financial Services Tax, Koehler Financial Services Mortgage Company.  Please see schedule F form ADV part II for complete description.

  • Source(s) of compensation:  Fees from clients and commissions from third parties,  marketing expense reimbursement and educational expense reimbursement from third parties.

  • Contingencies or other aspects material to the certificant’s compensation: I will not receive a commission unless you purchase the financial products recommended by me.

F.  Agency or employment relationships:

  • Material agency or employment relationships with third parties:  Please see schedule F form ADV part II for complete description.

  • Compensation resulting from such agency or employment relationships:  Commissions range from one to ninety percent on annuities and life insurance.


A.  As a client or prospective client, you have the right to ask me, as a CFP certificant, at any
     time for information about my compensation related to the services I provide you.  I will
     communicate the requested information in reasonable detail as it related to our financial
     planning engagement, including compensation derived from implementation.  This
     disclosure of compensation:

  • May be expressed as an approximate dollar amount or percentage or as a range of dollar amounts or percentages;

  • Shall be made at a time and to the extent that the requested information can be reasonably ascertained;

  • Will be based on reasonable assumptions, with estimates clearly identified, and;

  • Will be updated in a timely manner if actual compensation significantly differs from any estimates.

B.  As a CFP certificant’s personal financial planning client, you have the right to receive
     annually my current SEC Form ADV