Wealth Management

Randy Koehler,
Certified Financial Planner
Registered Investment
Advisor Associate


Providing our clients with diversified portfolios is our primary goal.  Our portfolios start with or consist of over 10,000 stocks and bonds from all over the globe, with virtually no overlap. Overlap can be best described as owning the same things, or the opposite of diversifying.  Koehler Financial Services, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor, has truly diversified our client’s assets.  Most mutual fund managers struggle to match the long term yields of the major market indexes, the reasoning according to experts at the Wharton School of Business, is that managers tend to drift in their style (buying what’s hot) instead of diversifying their holdings, they allow too many stocks and bonds to overlap each other. Our method also takes the emotion out of building your portfolio.  We use the same disciplined approach each year, the formulas remain the same; however the results (the stocks and bonds we own) will be different.  First, we review your account daily and make tactical profit taking adjustments as needed.  We re-allocated your account according to our disciplined formulas yearly.  We also have developed tools that have allowed us to exit the market during turbulent times of 2002 and 2008.