Worry Free Retirement

Randy Koehler,
Certified Financial Planner
Registered Investment
Advisor Associate

Koehler Financial Services, Inc. a Registered Investment Advisor
is committed to delivering a retirement free of financial worries.
We instill the confidence necessary for you the investor to make
sound financial decisions. Most importantly, these decisions will allow you the freedom to lead the life you imagined and planned for.

How does Koehler Financial Services, Inc. guide you to a safe financial future? We utilize “Pro-Active Portfolio Management” and “Disciplined Investment Strategies”.

Our approach:

  • Removes human emotion from selecting your fund holdings.

  • Utilizes disciplined formulas and strategies.

  • Provides a level of consistency based on a disciplined process.

  • Applies a hands on approach to managing your assets.

  • Can immediately move into cash during a catastrophic world event.

  • Asset preservation strategies during turbulent times.

  • For more detailed information about Koehler Financial Services, Inc.'s approach. Please read about Pro-Active Portfolio Management and Disciplined Investment Strategies